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August 9, 2017

Some British Engineering Students in 1960 Motorized a 1927 Bath Tub

Travel back to England in the year 1960 to see how these engineering students from Kingston made a splash with a bath tub... a motorized bath tub, perfect for driving around the center of town.

Students Dave Harding, Paul Gaunce and Phil Savagewho attended the Kingston Technical College Engineering Program in the UK, put together a bathtub and motor. This motorized bathtub was the product of money-making stunt required for raising money for the charities week. After hitting on the idea, they got a bathtub from a student who said that he no longer needed it; which later turned out to be a 1927 British-built model. A compactly designed motor scooter model was installed in the plug hole end. All the other mechanisms were made to comply with Road Transport Acts. Cool project!

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