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August 18, 2017

Pictures of Kelly LeBrock in Far-Too-Tiny White T-Shirt in 'Weird Science' in 1985

No one has ever claimed that model Kelly LeBrock is the world’s greatest actress, but she was perfect for the part of Lisa in Weird Science.

And what an entrance. When she emerged from that doorway, through pink neon lighting and a mountain of dry ice, millions of teenage boys’ mouths dropped at once.

It’s hard to believe she wasn’t first choice for the role – she replaced model Kelly Emberg shortly after filming began.

LeBrock would later describe Lisa as ‘Mary Poppins with breasts’.

Kelly LeBrock left Hollywood not long after Weird Science. “My children were and are my most important thing and so to say no to Hollywood was very easy,” she said. “I didn’t care about being famous. I’d already done that with modeling. I always said I could never go back to my kids, but I could always go back to my films.”



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