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August 7, 2017

Joan Elizabeth Madison (Thornton): The Wonderful Life Story of an American Woman Through Amazing Photos

 Portrait of young Joan Elizabeth Madison (Thornton) in 1953

Joan Elizabeth Madison (Thornton) was born on 15 February 1930 in Lewiston, Nez Perce, Idaho, and died on 5 June 2013 in Seattle, King, Washington.

And here is her wonderful life story through amazing photos from her son Steve Thornton.

Seven months, September 1930

Seven months, September 1930

20 months at the cabin, October 1931

20 months at the cabin, October 1931

One year in coat, February 1931

One year, February 1931

Age two, February 1932

 With Roy (her dad) at State Capitol, March 11, 1933

On the sidewalk, 1934

Portrait of Joan in 1935

Horseback, 1937

 Joan is in the front row on the far left in her first communion, 1937

Mike and Joan, 1937

 Portrait of Joan in 1937

 Portrait of Joan in 1937

With dad, 1937

With Mike, Jim, Roy, and dollies in the garden, 1937

Joan in red, 1939

Joan on the left with puppies, 1940

 Mike, Joan, Kris, Jim, Pete, 1940

 Peter, Jim, Roy, Kris, Mike, Joan, 1940

 With baby Kris, 1940

 With family, 1942

Christmas with dad, granddad, Mike, Pete, Kris, December 1944

 In the grass, 1945

 Joan with 'Jim's green orchid' (marked), December 25, 1945

With Jim in uniform, 1945

The lilac tree again, 1946

Walking down the street in vancouver, 1946

The pool gang (Joan with a tick), 1947

With her dad, 1947

With Loretta, Pete, Kris, 1947

Beach with Mike, Kris, Pete, 1948

Feeling glamorous, 1948

On the lawn, 1948

Portrait of Joan, 1948

Joan in 1951

Portrait of Joan in 1951

Joan with her boyfriend (later her husband Dean Thornton), 1952

Clowning on porch, 1953

Graduation from University of Idaho, June 1953

Joan in 1953

Portrait of Joan in 1953

Portrait of Joan in 1956

Wedding to Dean Thornton, August 24, 1956

Joan in wedding dress, August 24, 1956

Joan and Dean in their honeymoon, August 25, 1956

 Fishing, August 1957

 With son Steve, October 1958

 Having a snap, August 1959

Third wedding anniversary, August 24, 1959

Joan and her children, February 1961

 Joan and her children, July 1961

 Joan and her little family, July 1961

 Joan with Steve and Jane (her children), 1963

 With her son and daughter, 1963

 Fancy dress, 1965

 Joan with her children in 1969

 In a trip to London, 1972

With Steve and Jane in front of their house in Dallas, 1972

 At the UN, November 1973

With Dean and Steve at Widener Library, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, November 1973

 Christmas, December 25, 1974

Thanksgiving, November 23, 1978

 Christmas in 1979

Portrait of Joan in 1981

Portrait of Joan in 1981

Portrait of Joan in 1981

Joan and her son Steve, December 25, 1982

Jane's wedding, June 11, 1983

 Jane's wedding, June 11, 1983

 Christmas hat, December 1984

 Christmas, December 1984

Christmas, December 25, 1985

 Joan with flower, 1986

 Pose with fishing net, 1986

Steve, Joan, Jane, Eric, August 1987

 With Mela (her grandchild), 1987

With steve, August 1987

Christmas with Mela, December 1988

 Joan in 1988

88 Joan in 1988

Grandmother, 1989

With friend Ben Black, 1990

With Mela, 1990

Eric, Joan, Meg, Mela, Jane, June 1991

On the bench, 1991

 With Jane and girls, 1991

At the beach with Meg, 1992

 In the yard, 1992

 Portrait of Joan in 1993

 Christmas, December 25, 1995

 In the office, 1995

Joan with new hairdo, 1996

 With boyfriend John, 1996

 With Hali, 1997

In bed with girls, 1998

 Joan in 1998

With all the girls, 2000

 In red sweatshirt, 2005

 On the beach, 2005

 With great-granddaughter Krissy, 2011



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