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August 29, 2017

Jesus in the Clouds: A Short Story Behind An Incredible Photograph

This incredible photograph from Doris Rapp was taken by an unknown photographer in 1943. It shows two fighter aircrafts flying in the sky, but the especial thing is that the surrounding clouds formed the shape of Jesus clearly.

A shape of Jesus was formed by clouds in the sky in 1943

I remember seeing this photo when I was a child and being fascinated by it. I have no idea who took the picture, or the authenticity of it, but my Uncle Bud, who worked in a developing lab while stationed in England during WWII, had a copy of it and always carried it with him in his billfold,” Doris Rapp said.

I recently asked his daughter about it and she allowed me to scan it. The handwritten note on the back indicates that it was taken in 1943.”



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