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August 12, 2017

Did Nikola Tesla Actually Work as a Swimming Instructor?

Nikola Tesla was many things: a pool hustler, a gambling addict, a eugenicist, and a legendary genius. But despite what you may have seen recently in this miscaptioned photo, Nikola Tesla was never a swimming instructor.

The photograph purportedly showing the famous inventor at the beach has been shared with a variety of captions over the years. According to the Museum of the City of New York, this image was taken in 1898, and shows a man (identified as a “swimming instructor”) and a woman (identified as a “bather”) at Midland Beach in Staten Island.

The man in this image does bear a passing resemblance to the famed inventor. However, Tesla was about 42 years old in 1898 (when this photograph was taken), while the man in the image appears to be quite younger.

Here’s a portrait photo of Nikola Tesla in 1896

It is also highly unlikely that Tesla had the time, inclination, or financial need to secure a job as a swim instructor around that time. Tesla already had several successful patents and was operating several laboratories around New York City by 1898.


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