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July 8, 2017

Two Drunken Geisha Break Dancing in Old Japan

This grainy photo was taken during a wild Geisha party over in the Gion district of Kyoto.

The Mama-san Proprietress of the Geisha House was shocked to discover that a customer had broken the NO CAMERAS rule by secreting a small "Detective camera" under his kimono to capture the normally-disciplined Geisha doing the dances they really wanted to do for their customers.

These Geisha were immediately stripped of their Obi's, and sent back to Maiko School for remedial training as punishment for their drunken lapse of judgment.

THE TRUTH: The dancing game you see in the photo is still carried on today, and can be seen here... although one of the geisha is a bit too tipsy to pull it off completely: Kin no Shachihoko.

The photo above is scanned from a 1920s collotype of a 1880s-90s silver-print by Flickr member Okinawa Soba.

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