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August 1, 2017

This Adorable Couple Has Been Dressing in Matching Outfits Every Day for 35 Years

A married couple who have dressed alike every day for 35 years say it is the clearest way of showing that 'we're together.'

Donald Featherstone, who made a fortune from inventing the plastic pink flamingo lawn ornament in the late Fifties, and his wife Nancy, told The Sun that they even phone each other when they are not together to ensure that their style is in sync.

Luckily the large Victorian home that they share in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, has enough closet space to house their unique fashion collection which includes 600 custom-made outfits and dozens of identical his and hers accessories.

Recalling the first time they experimented with the look-alike concept, Mrs Featherstone told Daily Mail: 'I made Don the same shirt I was wearing. We’ve dressed alike ever since. We love it.'

The couple's love story started in August 1975 when they met at a hardware convention in Chicago. That day Mr Featherstone made up his mind that 'someday' he would marry Nancy - and a year later, on July 23, he did.

Mrs Featherstone said that when she met her husband he was 'very prim and proper' and would only wear long-sleeved shirts, a tie and a suit. But following her mother's advice, she started jazzing up his style by making him more colorful outfits.

She first had the idea to make duplicate garments after she remembered a tradition at Jennings Junior High School in Missouri, where couples wore matching shirts to the end-of-year dance.

It was in 1977 that the Featherstones first slipped into the same looks - a pair of polyester 'play shirts'. Then on Easter Sunday of the same year Mr Featherstone stepped out in slacks, a sport coat and pink silky shirt while his wife donned a pink, silky dress.

Their dressing-up habit soon became a full-blown obsession and in 1980 they went full-time.

In 1997, when the New York Times asked Nancy why her and Don dress like they do, she replied: 'First and foremost, it's fun! We like it! But it's also the clearest sign we can give that we're together. For Donald and me, that's our deal.'

On June 22, 2015, Donald Featherstone died from Lewy body dementia at the age of 79.

(via Daily Mail)



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