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July 15, 2017

57 Rare and Amazing Photos Capture French Streets and Architecture in the Mid-19th Century

A rare and amazing photo collection from Cornell University Library that shows streets and architecture of France from around 1857 to 1865.

Paris. Old Hôtel de Ville, 1857

Château de Chenonceaux, 1857

Orléans Cathedral, 1857

Paris. Medici Fountain, Gardens of the Palais du Luxembourg, 1857

Abbeville. Saint Vulfran Church, 1858

Parish Church of Saint Pierre at Caen. Apse, 1858

Strasbourg Cathedral. South Façade, 1858

Albi. Basilica of Saint Cecile, 1865

Amiens Cathedral Gargoyles, 1865

Amiens Cathedral, 1865

Amiens Cathedral, South Side, 1865

Anet, France. Parish Church, 1865

Angers. Château, 1865

Angers. Entrance to the Jardin Botanique, 1865

Basilica of Notre-Dame-de-l'Épine, 1865

Bourg-en-Bresse. Brou Church, 1865

Bourges Cathedral, Apse, 1865

Bourges Cathedral, Perspective View, 1865

Bourges. Jacques Coeur Palace, Facade, 1865

Bourges. Jacques Coeur Palace, View from the Rue des Arênes, 1865

Caen. Parish Church of Saint Pierre, 1865

Cannes, 1865

Cannes. Boulevard de la Croisette, 1865

 Cannes. View taken from the Croix des Gardes Area, 1865

Chantilly, Condé Museum (Château de Chantilly). Gallery, 1865

 Chartres Cathedral, West Front, 1865

Château de Montrottier, 1865

Château, Anet. Exterior, 1865

Church at Bretteville, 1865

Collection of Grotesques from Reims, France, 1865

Cour du Louvre, 1865

Grasse. Town Fountain, 1865

Le Mans. Ancient House Reputed to Have Been Owned by Queen Bérengère, 1865

Lisieux. The Ancient House of the Salamander, 1865

Loches. Town Hall, 1865

Martainville. Château. 1865

Mont Saint-Michel Abbey. The Marvel, 1865

Mont Saint-Michel Abbey. The Marvel. Cloisters, 1865

Mont Saint-Michel, General View of Islet, 1865

Mont Saint-Michel. The King's Gate, 1865

Mortrée. Le Château d'O, 1865

Nice, 1865

Nice. Promenade des Anglais, 1865

Nice. Shoreline, 1865

Nice. The Promenade des Anglais, 1865

Old Nice, 1865

Panorama of Nice from Mountaintop, 1865

 Panorama of Nice taken from the St. Francis Tower, 1865

Panorama of Nice, 1865

Paris. Notre Dame Cathedral Tower. Chimeras and Man, 1865

Paris. Notre-Dame Cathedral, 1865

Paris. Pantheon, 1865

Paris. Tour Saint Jacques, 1865

Paris. Tour Saint Jacques, 1865

 Parish Church of Saint Pierre at Caen, 1865

 Paris--Hôtel de Cluny, 1865

Varengeville, France. Ango Manor, 1865


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