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July 10, 2017

Fantastic Photos That Document Everyday Life during Edwardian Time

Here is a fantastic photo collection from LovedayLemon that show everyday life of Edwardians from the 1900s and 1910s.

Dancing in the open air

Drying off in the sand dunes

Edwardian children on the beach

Edwardian couple on a rock at the beach

Edwardian family having tea in the garden

People in a garden party

Girl on the steps of a bathing machine

Edwardian group on the beach

People in a picnic

Exercise at a girls' school

Feeding the chickens at the end of the garden

Four women tend a stall selling hand-made items

Hammocks in the garden

Having a good time despite the long skirt

Having tea by the sea

In the Edwardian beach hut

Ladies at the seaside

Letting their hair down

Man in the attic

Music in the garden

Nurses gardening

Old woman reading in a large garden

Paddling in shallow water

People at an Edwardian fete

People at the beach

Rose sellers on Alexandra Day

Tea time at a camp

Teenage girl poses for photographing at the beach

The greengrocer's cart

Two boys, a dog and a bicycle

Edwardian girls with their parrots

Young men, and a dog, having a picnic

A children's outdoor tea party

Girl reading while her companion fiddling with a cricket ball

An Edwardian secondhand shop

At a garden party

At an Edwardian picnic

Audiences on the deckchairs at the seaside

Bedouin camp in an English garden

Boy in sailor suit with his dogs

Children playing



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