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July 17, 2017

27 Rare Photos That Show Commercial Buildings of Ohio in the Early 1900s

These amazing photographs from Special Collections Research Center that depicted commercial buildings in rural northwestern Ohio with recently installed Central Union Telephone Company phones. The Central Union Telephone Company brought local and long distance calling to commercial buildings and advertised the new service with signage.

Commercial buildings of Ohio in the early 1900s

Signs for Central Union can be seen in these photographs, and they could have been used as a way to document their placement. There are a variety of commercial buildings present in the photographs, as well as, telephone poles, merchant's signs, displays of goods, customers, horse drawn wagons, and bicycles.

Front view of three-story building with Piper's Grocery storefront at street level

Front view of two-story building

House with telephone pole

Lease & Twining storefront

Single-story commercial building housing the office of 'W.E. Chapple, Notary Public and Farm Loans'

The Crawford County Gas & Electric

Three-story building with an awning that reads '[undecipherable] & Coonrod' on first floor

Three-story commercial building

Two-story commercial building featuring the Tschanen Bros. store

Two-story commercial building

White Star laundry storefront

Wisman & Mohler grocery storefront

Wyckoff Bros. storefront

A two-story commercial building housing a laundry office

A two-story commercial building housing a shoe store called F.A. Gonant

A.D. Baumhart - The Druggist Store

Abandoned looking storefront of two-story commercial building

Bank building

Building with Bell telephone sign

'Clothing. Furnishings & Men's Shoes. M. Sherman & Co.' storefront

Commercial building featuring a doorless entryway in the center

Commercial building featuring a store selling shoes and rubbers called Manning Bros.

Commercial building with telephone sign

DeWitt storefront

Drugs & Medicines store

Front and side view of large residential house with a porch

Front and side view of two-story commercial building



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