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July 4, 2017

17 Vintage Photos That Will Make You See the 1940s Differently

With much of the decade dominated by World War II, the 1940s have not gone down in history as the happiest of times. But the '40s had much more to them than war. Swing dancing, jazz, fabulous fashion, classic film, and even the first computer all helped to define the decade as well.

People of the 1940s did the best they could to smile through the tough times. Take a look at these photos from '40s to see what we mean.

1. Miss America contestants in 1945.

2. 1940s sweethearts.

3. Trying to stay cool in the summer, NYC, 1943.

4. Two sailors celebrating the end of WWII.

5. Ladies looking fabulous on their bikes.

6. Salvador Dali painting "The Face of War", 1941.

7. "Skate to work, save gas".

8. Red Cross women dancing with soldiers.

9. At the Venice Pier Fun House in 1940.

10. Swing dancing in the 1940s.

11. 1940s men hamming it up in Victorian bathing suits.

12. A group of 1940s students doing their schoolwork while drinking some Coca Cola.

13. 1940s Navy diver.

14. Cool camera trickery in 1945.

15. Danish explorer Peter Freuchen and his wife Dagmar Freuchen Gale, 1947.

16. Tattoo parlor, 1942.

17. Marlyn Wescoff and Ruth Lichterman reprogramming ENIAC, the first general-purpose electronic computer, in 1946.



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