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June 17, 2017

30 Dreamy Color Photographs You Won't Believe They Were Taken More Than 100 Years Ago

When you think of old photographs, you naturally think in terms of black and white, but as you can see from these stunning photographs from the turn of the 20th century, color photography has been around for a lot longer than you think.

Before 1907, if you wanted a color photograph then you basically had to color it in using different dyes and pigments, but two French brothers called Auguste and Louis Lumière changed all that with a game-changing process that they called the Autochrome Lumière. Using dyed grains of potato starch and light-sensitive emulsion, they were able to produce vibrant photographs without the need for additional colorization.

Despite being difficult to manufacture and also somewhat expensive, the process was very popular among amateur photographers. Scroll down for a collection of stunning century-old color photographs using their groundbreaking technique.

Christina in red, 1913

Christina in red, 1913

Among the first colored pictures ever taken by Louis Lumière, 1907

Two girls picking Cornflowers, c.1912

Young girl amidst marguerites, c.1912

Young girl posing in Japanese kimono, c.1914

Sisters sitting in a garden tying roses together, 1911

Young girl in kimono, c.1914


Daydreams, 1909

Woman and girl by a brook, 1910

Joan in red riding hood cape with basket, 1907

Woman smoking opium, 1915

Christina in red, 1913

Christina in red, 1913

A woman sits on an edge by a harbor where a freighter boat approaches, 1930

A young woman admires flowers in a Baden garden in Germany, 1928

Two women pick the state flower in a Laredo field

Two girls in oriental costume, 1908

An Autochrome of two sisters, 1908

An Autochrome of Etheldreda Janet Laing daughter in a garden, 1908

Woman in floral silk robe, 1915

Girl with a parasol sitting on a bench, 1908

Younger girl stands beside her sister holding a pink parasol, 1908

Two girls at the gate, 1915

Three women in Japan, Kyoto, 1912

Autochrome of a young girl, 1910

Girl in a garden with hollyhocks, 1908

Innocence, c.1912

Young lady with a fan, c.1910

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