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June 6, 2017

The Club 57 Portrait Series: These Are the Faces You Could Often See Here in the Early 1980s

Robert Carrithers is an American photographer, film director and producer. He also works as a cameraman, writes and develops scripts and has worked as an actor. He has been deeply involved in underground music, art and club scenes going all the way back to New York in the early 1980s.

Carrithers was a freelance photographer covering cultural events for various magazines and newspapers in New York, London and Paris. He photographed personalities in the club scene in New York and has had several gallery exhibits. He has lived and worked in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Paris, and Berlin.
“I lived in New York during the early '80s, a very special unique time of creativity in New York. I was a regular at a place called Club 57 in the basement of a Polish church on St. Marks in the East Village. It was a creative laboratory that would change night after night with themes and happenings. One night there would be an art opening and then another night there would be bands, films or a crazed theme party. Many talented and fun people developed their art at Club 57 throughout this time.”
The following portrait photographs from Robert Carrithers capture some of these memorable people at the Club 57 in the early 1980s.

Alexa Hunter

Ammo performing at his Universal Interaction Night

An official Club 57 staff photo (Deb Parker, Dominic Rose, Jimmy Joe, Susan Hannaford Rose and Club 57 member René Poulé)

Ann Craig

Ann Magnuson as Anoushka the Soviet chanteuse on Depravnik Island Night

Ann Magnuson in the hay loft at Club 57's Country and Western spoof night

Ann Magnuson performing as Anoushka the Soviet Chanteuse

Ann Magnuson singing C&W at Club 57

Ann Magnuson when she was the manager of Club 57 on a normal night

Ann Magnuson

Ann Magnuson

April Palmieri

Beth and Scott B.

Bill Landis


Brant Kingman

Bruno Schmidt

Bruno Schmidt

Charlotte Slivka a

Charlotte Slivka belting out a tune

Dale Ashmun


Dany Johnson and Ande Whylan

Daria Deshuk

Deb O'Nair and Rudy Protrudi

Diana Lillig

DJ Dany Johnson

Drew Straub and Kenny Scharf of The Batusi Brothers

Gerard Little (Mr. Fashion, Frankie Lymon's nephew)

Guitarist Keith Streng, bassist Jan-Marek Pakulski lead singer Peter Zaremba and drummer Bill Milhizer of the rock band The Fleshtones

Ira Abramowitz

Jean Caffeine

Jimmy Joe

Joey Arias

Joey Arias

John Sex

Kai Erik

Kai Erik

Lori Montana

Keith Haring

Kim Davis, Crackers, Mykel Board, and Lori Montana of ART The Band

Kitty Brophy

Lori Montana

Marc Shaiman and Scott Whittman

Min Sanchez

Paul Drake

Peter Kwaloff (a.k.a. DJ Danny Lunchonette)

Peter Nolan Smith

Scott Covert

Snooky, Tessie and Tish

Some of the female performers resting in the hay loft before they go on stage to perform

Stacey Elkin


Stefano castronovo and his family

Susan Hannaford Rose

Tammy Faye and religious revival night

Tessie Chao the living cockroach

The Batusi Brothers

Tish and Snooky Bellomo

Tom Cote

Tseng Kwong Chi

Wendy Wild going wild

Wendy Wild with a cocktail

Wendy Wild

William Lively


  1. great photos . the best of that time

  2. Hey you identify me as Lori Montana. I am in a pink dress and blond wig in the hay and my name is Katy K.
    Can you correct this. Jeez thought I made more of an impression.

  3. these are so evocative and nostalgic if you were here in the 80s




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