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July 1, 2017

Stripped of Kimono: 15 Stunning Studio Portraits That Show Natural Beauty of Young Geishas From the Early 1900s

The models are all Geisha. For these studio sessions they were stripped of their kimono, and their normal, classic hair-dos completely washed out.

The unknown Japanese photographer who took these shots seemed to prefer the Geisha when they were released from the confines of their all-encompassing Kimono, and having their natural hair set free from the heavily oiled and coiffed hair-do that was a part of the job.

This exception was usually made when the photographer hired the Geisha (and the younger Maiko) as studio models to take on the roles of other classes and customs of women in Japan.

However, these simple black and white images of minimally-dressed Geisha with their long hair undone are some of the most stunning, especially considering the time and place they were taken.

(Images via Okinawa Soba's Flickr)


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