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June 5, 2017

Chicana Gang and Party Scene: 28 Amazing Portraits of Cholas and Cholos From the 1980s and 1990s

Guadalupe Rosales, the daughter of Mexican immigrants who grew up in L.A, has been asking people to send in their photos from the period, which she then uploads to her Instagram account @veteranas_and_rucas.

“‘Veterana’ means someone who has put in work or time in the gang culture, and ‘ruca’ is what you call your chick,” Rosales told LA Weekly. “If you know these words, you can connect with me and the West Coast.”

Pictures capture Chicana youth culture in southern California from the ’90s and earlier, and feature perms, hot pants and platform shoes, as well as party crews.

“What I’m interested in posting is women that look like strong women,” Rosales said. “They look tough, and I like showing photographs like that because I want to say that women can be attractive when they’re strong women.”



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