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June 13, 2017

48 Rare Photos of People With Their Classic Cars From Between the 1900s and 1910s

These photos from William Creswell's collection show people with their classic automobiles from the 1900s to 1910s. Most of them are defined, but if anything's wrong, please leave your comments.

1903 Cadillac Model A Tonneau

1906 B.L.M. Auto

1906 Ford Model N Roadster

1906 Winton Model K

1907 Stevens-Duryea

1908 Cadillac Model S

1908 Maxwell-Briscoe Model H

1909 Cadillac Model 30

1909 Oakland Model 40

1909 or 1910 Cadillac Demi-Tonneau

1909 or 1910 Ford Model T Tourabout

1910 EMF 30 Touring Car

1910 Mitchell

1910 or 1911 Whiting Model A Roadster

1910 Peerless Touring Car

1911 EMF Roadster

1911 Maxwell

1912 Cadillac Model 30

1912 Pierce Arrow Model 36

1912 Speedwell

1912 Winton

1913 Willys-Knight Overland Model 69

1913 Winton

1914 Willys Overland

1915 Ford Model T Tourer

1916 Ford Model T Speedster

1918 Ford Model T Runabout

1918 Overland Model 90

1919 Pierce-Arrow Series 51

1919 Pierce-Arrow Series 51

Andy F. Scott and the Anderson Special Race Car, Kansas City, Missouri, 1915

Family and their Ford model T, circa 1915

Family and their Ford Model T

Family in a Ford Model T, NYC, 1913

Family in a Ford Model T

Gentlemen in an early automobile, circa 1910

H. A. Moyer Automobile Company, Syracuse, New York City, 1912

John Albrecht and family in a Halladay automobile, August 1910

John Renner in Albrecht's Halladay, August 1910

New York tour bus, circa 1910

Pullman autos in Washington D.C., 1912

R.L. (Lee) Jones and Julia Wilkins Jones in their auto, Poolville, Texas, 1917

Rev. H.H. Hartnell, 90 Years old, in his E.M.F. auto with a 1909 Massachusetts license plate in Suncook, New Hampshire, Oct. 18, 1909

Sophia and Laura in a Halladay automobile, August 1910

Texas family and their 1917-19 Ford Model T

Tourists in a Ford Model T at the 'Devil's Den' at Gettysburg Battlefield in Pennsylvania, ca. early 1910s

Wolseley-Siddeley limousine and chauffeur, London, ca. 1906-1907

Wolseley-Siddeley limousine and chauffeur, London, ca. 1906-1907


  1. No. 10: 1909 Stoddard-Dayton (Model 9K), Detachable Demi-Tonneau

    (1909 or 1910 Cadillac Demi-Tonneau)

  2. Photo 1 shows the Barrel family in their 1903 Cadillac




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