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May 29, 2017

This Elderly Couple Posed for the Same Shot Every Season for 12 Months, Then Life Happened...

Photographer Ken Griffiths captured this series of photographs called “English Country Garden” back in 1973 for the Sunday Times magazine. For 12 months, this loving couple posed for the same shot in their garden outside their home in East Sussex, England. The series tells us the story of long-lived love, and in the end, the loneliness of loss.

We can see seasons pass; blossomed flowers and plants, sunshine, rain, clouds, all changing while the couple, Mr and Mrs Sweetman, stood still and loving.

Ken's works are always give us a glimpse behind the scenes of people's lives or entire communities, but this series is one of the most dramatic, giving us a real touch of the remorse of loss as we become engaged in the couple's lives and the husband’s lonely stand in the final picture.



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