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May 14, 2017

Stevie Nicks Can Kill You! Funny Pictures of the Front-Woman of Fleetwood Mac Practicing Some Karate Moves With Her Security Guard in the 1980s

These pictures from Bob Jones' Hands Off, a self-defense guide for women in 1983, which also featured Stevie Nicks on the cover. Bob was a bodyguard for Stevie and Chris. The photographs captured Stevie practicing some karate moves with her security guard Bob Jones in the garden of her LA home.

“On the day of the shoot I was standing in my martial arts training uniform, wearing my Black Belt. Then Stevie appeared, her hair done to resemble the mane of a lion. She was psyched up for some serious photographing. Stevie wore her familiar thick-soled, thick-heeled, knee-high brown suede kid leather boots. High roll-over socks appeared over the top of these elegant Swedish boots and hung tentatively around her knees.” – Bob Jones recalled.

“The seductiveness of her partially exposed cleavage was the next thing any red-blooded male would have his attention drawn to... Stevie also had on the most unusual dress, with a snow white multi-layered, multi-lengthed hem-line. The white chiffon had multi-colored flowers. With the sun behind us during the shoot, Stevie would kick, sometimes over my head, so her dress would spread like a giant Japanese fan or butterfly wing.

“In these kicking-style photographs the sun also made her dress partially see-through: just enough to be artistically interesting.

“This lady was a professional: in two hours I had a hundred of the most magnificent photos ever offered to the martial arts, and just one would make the cover.”



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