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May 30, 2017

From Punks to New Romantics, a Photographer Spent the Decade Snapping Each of the 80s Music Gangs

From Punks to New Romantics to MODs, it seemed everybody in the 80s belonged to their own tribe. And one photographer’s work has revealed just how different the music, lifestyle and even the clothes of each gang was.

Photographer Caroline Greville-Morris spent the decade snapping pictures and working in the then ground-breaking music video industry. And there, she met with the huge numbers of different tribes that made up the vibrant 80s music scene. Among Caroline’s subjects were leather-clad punks with brightly colored mohican haircuts who were seen as anarchists.

These were in direct contrast with the New Romantics, who all wore outlandish make-up and elaborate period costumes. The other tribes included MODs who were never seen without wearing smart suits and Union Jack inspired accessories.

A group of leather clad punk wearing revealing outfits pose for photographer Caroline Greville-Morris in the 1980s.

The punks were known for their love of leather, studded belts, bright hair and mohican styles.

As well as the bright hair, punks were also known to pin numerous badges to their jackets and wear make up on their faces.

Another gang that Caroline came close to was the New Romantics, known for their love of make-up.

As well as brightly colored make-up, New Romantics also had fun with bright fashion and period dress.

With their long dark dresses and black lipstick, these two New Romantics almost pass for goths.

Two young women make the most of their 80s night out by donning elaborate dresses, bright make-up and outlandish hats.

New Romantics give their own spin on a traditional wedding dress and groom suit complete with fur cuffs and purple eye shadow.

It wasn’t just New Romantic women that wore make-up, men also applied white foundation and pink eyeshadow.

Two New Romantics cross the divide to spend time with a punk at a nightclub in the 1980s.

A Mod couple pose for Caroline in the street wearing a smart suit and 60s style yellow mini dress.

A Mod, known for their love of sharp dressing, proudly shows off his Union flag inspired suit jacket.

(Photos: Caroline Greville-MorrisRedferns, via The Sun)



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