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May 24, 2017

Artek Summer Camp in the 1980s – Wonderful Pictures of the Place Where Every Soviet Kid Just Wanted to Go

Artek was a summer camp spending time where every Soviet kid dreamt of. Seriously. What was so attractive about this place? Let's see.

First of all the location. It was located in Southern coast of Crimea - probably on of the warmest Black Sea locations in USSR. With majority kids living much farther North it was a really paradise spot to dream about thru long winters nights.

Only best of the best were able to visit this camp. You had to study really well, to be active and to behave well and still it wasn't a sure hit.

Each summer there were tens thousands Soviet schoolchildren and only couple thousands can go to Artek. Kids were really living life there. Lots of activities to enjoy and nobody came home unsatisfied.

(via English Russia)

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