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May 30, 2017

Are You a Real Fuddy-Duddy? Check Out These Top 15 Slang Words of the 1940s

The 1940s brought the beginning of the Cold War, the end of WWII, Ol Blue Eyes (Frank Sinatra) on the airwaves and a new era of prosperity as people recovered from the Great Depression. Slang words if the ’40s were all about new ways to talk about old things and some of those words were quite a gas.

1. Gas – This ’40s slang word was used to say that something or someone was a good time, cool, fun, etc. I.e. “That new Abbott & Costello movie was quite a gas, wasn’t it?”

2. Fat-Head – Used as a disparaging slang term to call a person an idiot, stupid, foolish, etc. I.e. Your new boyfriend is a real fat-head, Mary.”

3. Geezer – The 1940s slang word was used to address or speak about an older person, usually in a not so nice way. I.e. “Hey you old geezer, get out of my way.”

4. Chrome-Dome – As a slang term for the 1940s, this was used to describe a person’s bald head. I.e. “Johnny has a really shiny chrome-dome.”

5. Bum Rap – This ’40s slang term was used when a person was falsely accused of something. I.e. “Tommy getting arrested for stealing that bike is a bum rap, he didn’t do it.”

6. Chicken – The slang word was used when you wanted to call someone a coward, scared, etc. I.e. “What are you afraid to get in the airplane, chicken?”

7. Cracks Me Up – The 1940s slang term was used when someone wanted to say that something or someone made them laugh. I.e. “That comedian really cracks me up!”

8. Fuddy-Duddy – Used to describe someone who was old fashioned, prim & proper, etc. I.e. “My older sister is a real fuddy-duddy.”

9. Eager Beaver – The ’40s slang term was used to call someone an eager helper or someone who was excited about something in general. I.e. “Your son is really an eager beaver wanting to get started on mowing the lawn so early.”

10. In Cahoots/With – The slang term was a way to imply or suggest that a person or group was conspiring with another person or group. I.e. “My mother and my girl are in cahoots with each other!”

11. Snap Your Cap – Used when someone wanted to say that another person was angry. I.e. “Don’t snap your cap, buddy, we’re getting out of your way.”

12. Lettuce – The 1940s slang word was used as another way to say money. I.e. “You got any lettuce, I want to go to the grocery store and get a gallon of milk?”

13. Pass the Buck – The ’40s slang term was used to imply/state that someone wasn’t taking responsibility for something they did or that they were blaming someone one else. I.e. “Don’t pass the buck to me, Jimmy, you’re the one who wanted to sneak out.”

14. Flip Your Wig – The slang term was used to say that someone was quick to get angry. I.e. “Don’t flip your wig, Jenny picked up your paycheck on the way home.”

15. Gobbledygook – This 1940s slang word was used when someone was giving a long speech or that was double talking. I.e. “What’s all this gobbledygook you’re saying? I can’t understand you.”

(via Coolest Words)


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