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May 6, 2017

Amazing Intimate Family Photos Found in a Thrift Shop Showing Donald Trump's Softer Side

A South Florida collector bought around 1,000 old photographs of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, which were likely thrown out by his first wife, Ivana. The vintage pictures, which were crammed into a suitcase, mostly contain memories of Trump with friends and family.

Also included were personal handwritten notes, Ivana Bacharach and Trump’s wedding album, eldest son Donald J. Trump Jr.’s baby album from Dec. 13, 1977, Ivana’s modeling images and a card drawn by Ivanka to her parents.

The photographs humanize the contentious politician’s life and give a rare, intimate glimpse of his “softer” side, according to Daily Mail.

Donald Trump channels Burt Reynolds - the quintessential the Cosmopolitan centerfold - as he relaxes in his robe.

Donald is clearly smitten with his children, here with his first born Don Jr.

Nap time for family man Donald and his namesake. Among the memorabilia is Don Jr.'s baby album dated Dec. 31, 1977.

Trump looks a little sleepy but baby Don Jr. looks wide awake.

Trump looks like he was made for fatherhood.

When is the last time anyone, outside of possibly Donald's immediate family, has seen him wearing anything but a suit!

Donald does his fatherly duty.

The treasure trove of Trump memorabilia, including roughly 1,000 photographs of Republican presidential candidate, his family and friends found its way into a thrift shop and then to a collector.

Trump poses with the apple of his eye, Ivanka, the star in many of the family photos.

Donald with Ivanka and Don Jr. at another birthday party.

Trump holds little Eric's hand. From all the photos Donald shows himself to be a loving and attentive father.

Stunning Ivana was a model and the unearthed photos include many of her modeling cards. Among the more esoteric items is a 1989 summer cleaning schedule for Mar-a-Lago, the lavish Palm Beach, Florida, estate Trump has owned since 1985.

Donald had it made in the shade, and relaxing in the sunshine of his Palm Beach property Mar-a-Lago.

Ivana lounging in what looks like Mar-a-Lago, just a breeze from Florida's beach on the Atlantic.

The kids and Ivanka have a visitor: It's Donald all right - but this is Donald Duck (and no, it's not Trump in the costume).

Ivanka cuts the cake at her birthday celebration.

Ivanka's drawing for her parents.

Donald with his mother Mary Trump hanging at Christmastime. Mary passed away in August 2000.

Ivana and Donald with his father Fred Trump.

Trick or treats for GI Joe Don Jr., ballerina Ivanka and toy soldier Eric

Ivanka showing some love for her little brother Eric.

Don Jr. and Ivanka at bathtime.

Donald and Ivana show off little Ivanka.

A goggled Donald cuddles up with his little cuddle bunny Ivanka in the snow.

Dressed up Ivanka poses with her parents at a party.

Is this baby Donald himself? Among the treasure trove of photos is this unmarked baby picture that looks like it could well be the candidate.

(via Daily Mail)


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