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May 6, 2017

4 Sisters Take A Picture Together Every Year – See How Time Has Affected Them 40 Years Later

When Nicholas Nixon was visiting his wife’s family in the summer of 1975, he asked all four sisters – left to right: Heather, Mimi, BeBe, and Laurie – to stand together for a picture. A year later, at the graduation of one, the sisters lined up again in the same order. From then on, Nixon has photographed the siblings every year to document their growing up and old together.

Detroit-born Nixon first showed his work at the Museum of Modern Art on July 22, 1976, two years into the project. The museum ended up presenting two of the Brown Sisters’ portraits in that show, included amidst a series of landscape photos. Since then, MoMA has been collecting the series.

The resulting 40 images have been shown at many of the most famous museums around the world, including the Museum of Modern Art and are also the subject of a book, Nicholas Nixon: Forty Years of the Brown Sisters.

“These pictures grew out of my curiosity about and admiration of this band of beautiful, strong women, who first let me into their lives, then allowed me to try making one picture, then joined me in a tradition, an annual rite of passage,” Nixon wrote in the introduction to the book.

Take a peek at this amazing photo series documenting these siblings’ aging over nearly 40 years together.


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