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April 23, 2017

What Does Your Bow Say About Your Beau? 1940s Hairstyles Revealed About A Girl’s Love Life

Have you ever wondered what your hairstyle reveals about you? Of course you can’t make any determinations about a person based on hairstyle alone, but it is true that first impression plays a huge role in how we perceive a person. According to images from the March 15, 1944 issue of LIFE magazine as part of a piece entitled “High School Fads.”, 1940s hairstyles revealed a lot about a girl’s love life.

If you are out on the hunt for a new lover, ladies take note and wear that bow ON TOP of your head!

If you wear it on the BACK of your head, it means you are NOT interested in men. IE: healing a heartbreak, single and wanna keep it that way, or perhaps leaning towards “tipping the velvet”?

If you wear it on the RIGHT SIDE of your head, it means you are taken.

If you are happy and in love, wear them tipped to LEFT SIDE of the head.


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