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April 27, 2017

Movie Photo Card Bubble Gum: A Great Set of 1979 Topps Alien Trading Cards

In space, nobody can hear you scream. But that's not the case in movie theaters. When Alien first hit the big screen, it's blend of science fiction and horror made it a sensation. However, an R-rated film seems like a strange choice for a set of trading cards from back then. But that didn't stop 1979 Topps Alien from becoming a reality. The simple set mixes cards and stickers, similar to nearly every Topps entertainment release of the 1970s and '80s.

The 1979 Topps Alien base set has 84 cards. Images are mainly stills from the film, although the ship's crew are highlighted with the occasional promo portrait. A lot of the photos focus on exterior shots of the various spaceships from the movie. The interior images are often cluttered and hard to tell what's going on. This is a byproduct of the claustrophobic feel of the film. Card fronts have red outer borders. A small, yellow inner border also provides a spot for the card's caption. There's a torn or dripping effect below the caption, no doubt to evoke a creepier feel.

Card backs are either a writeup about the film or a puzzle piece. Writeup cards have the text written inside of the iconic egg from the film. The set has two different puzzles. Pink border pieces form the refinery while blue border pieces make the mummified alien.

1979 Topps Alien packs come with ten cards and one sticker (and a stick of gum). The original price was 20 cents. Here are some cards from a great set for a great movie.

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