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April 26, 2017

London's Hidden Tunnels: These Amazing Vintage Cutaway Diagrams Show Extraordinary Views of Piccadilly Circus' Underground Station

Unlike other major subway systems such as New York or Paris, the London Underground is largely tunneled rather than laid in a covered trench. Station interchanges require complex underground networks of tunnels such as these cutaway diagrams at Piccadilly Circus.

Piccadilly Circus tube station by Renzo Picasso, 1929. Pedants may note that the traffic flow has been reversed, as it would be in Italy. © Archivio Renzo Picasso, Genoa.

1930, D MacPherson's cluttered cutaway of Piccadilly Circus underground station to explain the complexity of works to the excited public. © London Transport Museum Collection

1989, London Transport Museum commissioned Gavin Dunn to draw this updated modern 3D cutaway of Piccadilly Circus station. © London Transport Museum Collection.

Cutaway of London's Charing Cross railway, underground and trams. Popular Science Magazine 1921.

Bond Street Station, 1970s. Showing reconstruction for the Jubilee Line. It also references the Fleet Line as the Jubilee was known during the planning phase. © London Transport Museum Collection.

Camden Town. © Archivio Renzo Picasso, Genoa.

Camden Town by L Ashwell Wood for the Eagle comic. © Eagle, Dan Dare Corporation.

1950, a cutaway of 1938 stock on London Underground in the Eagle comic - courtesy of Ian Visits. © Eagle, Dan Dare Corporation.

Mail Rail 1926 cutaway of the entire route. © Royal Mail Group Ltd, courtesy of the Postal Museum.

TV Centre cutaway drawing. © The Architect & Building News, 1958.

(via Londonist)


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