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April 11, 2017

If You Compare Punk Makeup to Star Wars Characters, You’re Doing It Wrong. Here's a How-to-be-a-Punk Guide from 1977

In the 1977 edition of the American Heritage Dictionary punk rock was given this wonderful definition:
Punk rock, n. A form of rock music characterized by a stabbing, insistent rhythm and simple, three-chord harmony, amplified sound, and lyrics that deal with subjects full of trouble and strife such as anarchy, alienation, violence, sex, drugs and teen-age rebellion.

Punk performers and their followers often adopt outlandishly vulgar behavioral patterns and clothing, often leading to acts of violence by performers and audience alike.
Featuring photographs by Jenny Lens and modeling by Belinda Carlisle, this 1977 zine How To Look Punk by Marliz is an amazing gem. It's a fascinating document for a number of reasons (besides the photographs of a young pre-Go-Go's Carlisle), including what appears to be Marliz's "note on author," in which she identifies herself as a professional trendspotter: "Marliz is internationally known in the industry for her marketing ability in current-trend perception, and 'how to' help it explode on the scene." This blurb certainly reiterates that just as soon as punk became a "thing" it became a "trend" too.


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