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April 14, 2017

17 Vintage Photos That Show Bad Women's Fashion of the 1970s

Much of the experimental, so-called “hippie” style actually originated in the early 1970s. Flower power was in full swing at the beginning of the decade and it showed in the flowing, floral patterns that decorated many dresses from that era.

Many women had different dresses for different occasions. They wore evening gowns at home, which were silky smooth, loose fitting and very comfortable. They were also known as ankle sweepers. Instead of wearing fluffy slippers like their mothers, the fashion-conscious seventies woman was encouraged to wear mid-height heels for added “excitement.”

The hemline was all over the place. Both short dresses and long dresses could be worn in almost any situation. Typically, younger women preferred the shorter skirts.

Belts were a very popular accessory to a 1970s dress. As were bows, necklaces and jackets. Other dresses had dramatic collars.

One new style that became quite popular were pants that looked like a dress. They were called Palazzo pants. They look like really exaggerated bell-bottoms, and if a woman stood with her legs close together it looked like she was wearing a long skirt or dress. While Palazzo pants aren’t technically a dress, they are still unmistakably Seventies.



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