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April 27, 2017

45 Fantastic Color Photos Document Everyday Life of Korea in the Early 1950s

These photos are from Duffy'sTavern, and were taken mostly by US soldiers stationed in Korea during the war. Some were taken by Captain John Coupland III, but others by other soldiers.

Refugees (or POWs) heading south in the winter of 1950-51

Seoul kids, 1950-52

Conscriptees in the winter of 1951

Delivering the wounded soldiers

Mother and child in Daegu

Orphan kids

Women bearers

Apple market at Daegu, 1952

 Funeral in Busan, 1952

Gyeongsan Church, 1952

 Korean soldier, June 1952

M5 Artillery tractor and crew, 1952

 Moving up, moving on, 1952

People in Busan, 1952-54

Scholar on Route 57, Daegu, 1952

Schoolboys marching, Daegu, 1952

 Seoul kids, February 1952

 Unloading at Daegu Airbase, 1952

 Busan station plaza, 1953

Busan tram in the summer of 1953

 Evacuation choppers at Freedom Village, Daeseong-dong, August 1953

 Fishermen at Sokcho, 1953

Lucky kid with grapes, circa 1953

Muakjae, near Seoul, 1953

Myeongdong Cathedral in the post-war era, Seoul, September 1953

 Near old Busan Station, 1953

New Han River Bridge, Seoul, August 1953

 Repatriation of prisoners in the fall of 1953

 Rice Harvest (Bringing in the sheaves), Seoul, October 1953

 Seoul Main Station, September 1953

 Shinsegae store and old post office, Seoul, May 1953

 The north-east corner of Hwaseong Fortress in Suwon, 1953

 Two young Korean men standing in a partially harvested field in the fall of 1953

 Village in the north of Seoul, August 1953

War orphans, 1953-54

 Washday in 1953-54

 Washing day in the summer of 1953

 Wood gatherer, 1953

 Korean custom in the spring of 1954

Paldalmun Gate in Suwon, 1954-56

Cedars north of Suwon, August 1955

 Seoul street scene, March 1955

 Seoul street scene, October 1955

Town north of Seoul, September 1955

 View from steps of Capitol, Seoul, September 1955


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