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April 18, 2017

25 Vintage Lunch Boxes That Will Make You Want To Be A Kid Again

The lunch box as we think of it today was born in 1935. That’s when a Milwaukee, Wisconsin, company called Geuder, Paeschke, and Frey licensed the likeness of a new cartoon character named Mickey Mouse for the top of its oblong-shaped “Lunch Kit.” The metal container was sealed at the top with a loop of stiff wire that doubled as a handle.

From that moment on, placing a character of any sort on the side of a lunch box became the standard for the lunch boxes children toted to school. Before long, the signal a lunch box sent to your peers could mark you as a cool kid or a dork, depending on if your PB&J was packed inside a Mike Mercury’s Supercar Orbital Food Container (Universal, 1962) or a Jonathan Livingston Seagull lunch box (Aladdin, 1973).

Back in the day, just having a cool lunch box was enough to be proud of. But these days, if you happened to keep your lunch box from way back when in mint condition, then you might have something to be really proud of on your hands: a potential gold mine.

1. The A-Team

2. Addams Family

3. Barbie and Francie

4. Beauty and the Beast

5. Blue Hulk Hogan

6. Cabbage Patch Kids

7. Care Bears

8. Cracker Jacks

9. DuckTales

10. The Gremlins

11. Hardy Boys Brothers

12. Harlem Globetrotters

13. Inch High Private Eye

14. KISS

15. Lunch N Tunes

16. The Muppets: Fraggle Rock

17. Paramedic

18. Peanuts

19. Snoopy

20. Star Wars

21. Super Powers

22. The Beatles

23. The Fall Guy

24. Thundercats

25. Walt Disney School Bus

(Images: Etsy, via Mashable)


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