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March 12, 2017

These Are the Covers of It’s Golden Period, Here's a Collection of the First 50 Issues of The Face Magazine

The Face magazine was a monthly independent music publication launched in May 1980 providing a totally new slant on modern dance music, incorporating a photo-laden style more often seen in the middle class ladies magazines of the day.

It’s style changed immensely during it’s lifetime, originating from a showcase for the popular quasi-independent music acts of the time, before evolving into a lifestyle magazine focusing more on fashion and style trends of youth culture.

Beset by imitators, a loss of direction and identity, The Face began to lose its influence in a crowded market and was closed in May 2004.

These are the covers of it’s golden period, The Face magazine – the first 50 issues:

(via Hand in Glove)


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