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March 14, 2017

These Amazing Candid Photographs Reveal What Life Was Like in the Topless Go-Go Bars in New York City From the Late 1970s

Taken from 1977, these photographs of Judi Jupiter reveal what really went on during the late 1970s, as she worked as a waitress at nine of the most infamous topless/bottomless go-go bars in New York City. "See what really went on during that time," she told. "It will show the shocking and not-so-glamorous life of workers in the industry."

Jupiter photographed everything from dancers shooting heroin in bathroom stalls, to "a guy giving himself head" (he signed a release, even!). She has stories of a dancer holding up her own boss and walking away with stacks of cash, and well-known theater impresario Joseph Papp frequenting the clubs—"I approached him [one night] and he told me to get lost, he had already spent thousands."

Images of actual dancers, hostesses, waitresses and customers show the the frustrations and cruelty the dancers had to go through. Although the money was plentiful and the environment was exciting, there was a tremendous dark side she will reveal through her photographs. If you have ever fantasized about what it might have been like to be an employee or even a customer in some of these places, these photographs certainly shed some light on to what went down during this exciting time in New York City.

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