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March 17, 2017

Swastika-Covered Photo Album Found in Eva Braun's Bedroom Reveals Unseen Candid Shots of Hitler and His Cronies at Leisure

A photo album containing never-before-seen candid snaps of Adolf Hitler that was found in Eva Braun's bedroom in the Fuhrer's Bunker have come to light over 70 years later. These photos would have been taken by a member of Hitler's inner circle, possibly a bodyguard or even Braun herself as she does not appear in any.

The photo album was first discovered by British war photographer Edward Dean in 1945, when he and journalist Richard Dimbleby entered Hitler’s Berlin bunker a few weeks after its capture.

After entering the bedroom of Eva Braun, (Hitler’s longtime mistress and, briefly, his wife before both committed suicide in the bunker), a Russian solider accompanying the two Brits forced open one of Braun’s bedside dressers. Inside were the album, some clothing and a broken perfume bottle. Reportedly, the album still retains its perfumed scent.

Eva Braun's album features a swastika cover with themed red, white and black tassels.

Mr Dean sold the album to a collector in the 1980s. The collector had it for 30 years and it was recently bought by another collector who is selling it now at the auction by C&T Auctions in Kent, England.

(Images: C&T Auctions/BNPS)


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