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March 27, 2017

Musicians in Early Photography – 27 Rare Pictures Show Victorian and Edwardian Accordionists

The first accordions were invented in the early nineteenth century. In Germany, Christian Buschmann introduced and patented an instrument called the "Handaeoline" in 1822. It had an expandable bellows, a portable keyboard, and a series of free vibrating reeds inside.

Over the next several decades, various improvements were made to the accordion. One major modification was made in 1850, when the chromatic accordion was introduced. The early diatonic accordions produced different notes when the bellows were drawn opened and pressed closed. The chromatic versions produce the same note regardless of the action of the bellows. Steel reeds were incorporated into the instrument in 1857. The addition of more bass keys was particularly important.

By the early twentieth century, manufacturers had settled on a standard size and shape for the instruments, which eventually led to the modern accordion.

A photo set of accordionists in Victorian and Edwardian eras will give you a clearer view.



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