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March 3, 2017

Eye Movements of a Woman in Looking at a Man: How Women Visually Explore Men in the 1940s

Here's a 1940s eye-trail map of where women looked at a man, a non-mathematical treatment of vague interest. It turns out that the seduction of a man's body to a woman's gaze--as difficult as that might seem from this photo--is fairly measurable, and was so even in the 1940s, when the researcher Herman F. Brandt (Drake University, Iowa) produced this image. And what it is, basically, is a map of where women looked when their eyes were tracked as they looked at this man.

(Click on the image to view it larger)

Brandt had a long career investigating ocular fixation, and might have developed a camera that tracks the reflection of beams of light on the corneas of his subjects, recording eye movement in horizontal and vertical planes. His research was of interest to a wide variety of people, from neurologists to fashion designers.

(via JF Ptak Science Books)


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