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March 19, 2017

30 Fascinating Color Photographs That Capture Everyday Life of Tashkent, Uzbekistan in 1956

In 1956 Jacques Dupâquier flew on to Tashkent, the center of the Uzbek autonomous republic. There he enjoyed the freedom and taking photos of the capital.

“We traveled on an old plane which did not fly higher than 3,200 meters, and so we could watch for hours Soviet Central Asia. I made a couple of pictures through the window. At one moment we flew over a forced labor camp. The stewardess came out of the cabin, and warned us that taking photographs is prohibited here. Then she went back to the cabin, so I urgently took some photos. The official interpreter sitting next to us said nothing."

These images show the shrinking outlines of the Aral Sea, the last remnants of old Tashkent and the traditional costume of their residents, the bazaar which shrank just like the sea and where Dupâquier took most of his photos. His pictures do not surpass the average tourist standard either here. But their value is in the fact that all this would disappear within ten years, following the rebuilding of the city into a sea of socialist housing estates and – as Dupâquier already noticed and emphasized it – the strong influx of Russian inhabitants and culture accompanying it.

(via Poemas del río Wang)


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