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March 10, 2017

18 Powerful Photos of WWII Women That May Make You Heartbreaking

War is always cruel. It not only robbed millions of lives of soldiers and innocent people, but also caused great harm to their surviving relatives, especially children and women.

These powerful photos documented emotional moments of women during World War II that will make you heartbreaking.

This mother will not see her child grow up

Two women kneeling in front of a makeshift grave near Mazowiecka Street, Warsaw, 1944

Young Polish woman makes a quick look in the mirror, Warsaw, 1944

A woman and her children by the ruins

A woman carries their two children to run in a hurry on the road in the UK

A woman with her children returned to their home, Belarus, 1944

A young Polish woman trying to help her sister, killed by German fighters in a strafing of a road in Poland, 1939

Children hide under a cabinet during the air raid, London, 6 October, 1940

Execution of women during the Second World War

Finnish civilian woman with a child after a Soviet bomber attack in Helsinki, july 9, 1941

German Woman Crying on a Heap of Ruins, 1945

Homeless refugee German woman sitting on the side of a muddy street amid ruins caused by massive allied air raids on the city, 1945

Little girl by a makeshift grave near Mazowiecka Street, Warszawa, Poland, 1944

Old woman cries for home in The Siege of Leningrad

Russian female soldiers trying to help badly wounded civilian woman in WWII

Russian nurse helping wounded soldier in battlefront, WWII

Russian women searching amongst men killed by the Germans their husbands, sons and relatives

Soviet nurse helping a wounded soldier in the battlefield, WWII


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