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March 16, 2017

16 Vintage “Gay” Ads That Weren’t Actually About Gay People But Should Be Now

“Gay” is a great word. Here’s why: it rhymes with everything. Also, it’s brief. Therefore it should be no surprise that even before it meant “inverted sinner pervert homosexual” and still meant “happy.” What happened next was that gayness and happiness split up, but they’ve been getting back together ever since and are going strong. Look at our ancestors in gayness!

Which makes 4th of July a gay holiday

The captain is actually waving goodbye to these girls who he hasn’t got a chance with anymore

Before R Family, there were these guys

As we know it from watching ‘The Real l Word’!

We go way back with beer

If you know what Haviland & Riese Vlogs this line is from, you win a pony

This teapot inspired the romi klinger hit track, “gay in LA”

It’s a white tank top

There are a lot of ways to look at this situation

Not as sweet as lesbian sex, but sweet

But lately we’ve been really into these color-coded bandana things?

It’s every straight girl’s favorite fantasy

This paint roller is detachable, P.S.

Every little girl’s dream, every parent’s nightmare

But what does it mean?

(This original article was published on Autostraddle)



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