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March 5, 2017

11 Beauty Tips To Steal From The '60s: From The Mod To The Counterculture

The '60s was an amazing decade for fashion and beauty, and undoubtedly left quite an impact on what feminine styles look like to this day.

From Twiggy's creative winged eyeliner to Mia Farrow's iconic pixie cut, '60s beauty trends have stood the test of time, and continue to be utilized and innovated.

Here are some beauty tips straight from the decade of counterculture, and the starlets who made the era so memorable.

1. Get Creative With Your Liquid Liner.

Step up your wing game and trace your crease with your liquid liner to create an even more dramatic look. Using your eyeliner, channel '60s icon Twiggy by tracing thin vertical lines down from your lower lash line to create the illusion of doll-like lashes. So mod.

2. Try A Subtle Lip.

The decade's beauties, like Brigitte Bardot, often sported a simple nude lip, only rocking a touch of pink or red for more formal occasions.

3. Fake Lashes Are Cool.

Fake lashes were all the rage in the '60s, and the longer the better. Why not try some for yourself?

4. Experiment With a Pixie Cut.

Popularized by '60s stars like Mia Farrow, and continued to this day. There is no hairstyle more trendy, more daring, or more androgynous than this one.

5. Invest In Products For Volume.

Stock up on plenty of hairspray and volumizing mousse to achieve new hairdo heights.

6. Full Brows Are Timeless.

Stars like Audrey Hepburn embraced their brows in all their dark and bold glory. This look is currently trending and, based on how long it's been around, it's not likely to go away anytime soon. Darken and thicken on, brow lovers.

7. You Just Can't Go Wrong With A Red Lip.

The decade's royalty, like Elizabeth Taylor, proved that a red lip is the perfect addition to practically any look. If you're after the pinnacle of femininity and grace, opt for the truest red to nail the classic look.

8. Matte Is Where It's At.

Abandon the shimmery glow for a smooth matte finish. After all, porcelain-like skin was popular among women of the '60s.

9. Shaving Is Optional.

Not all celebrities shaved their armpits back in the day. Many women of the '60s like Sophia Loren owned their body hair maintenance choices, encouraging others to do the same.

10. You Should Go Blonde At Least Once In Your Life.

Blondes may not necessarily have more fun, but it's still interesting to give the classic platinum "bombshell" thing a try (if at least once). Say yes to taking chances and embody the great Etta James.

11. Incorporate Pale Pastels Into Your Look.

Explore the pale and the pastel in your beauty and style choices, especially nude or pastel nails. A baby pink manicure or wrap could be great places to start. It's no wonder that the decade that brought us the popularity of Etta James and Sophia Loren would lend itself to some great beauty tips.

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