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February 18, 2017

Adorable Vintage Snapshots of a Little Girl Posing With Her Birthday Cake Each Year From When She Was One Year Old in 1948

Here is a sweet set of photographs of a little girl and her birthday cake. It must have been a tradition for the family. Each is an annual photograph of a cake with one candle for each year and a pose in the best clothes on a birthday.

Mom and dad were not the best photographers but they were consistent. Our little girl grows up. And she must be 62 today.

These are from a very large group of negatives found on an eBay estate sale by a Flickr's member anyjazz65. There were a couple prints with the photo lab date stamp among all the negatives which established the date of one of the birthdays.

It must have been in the south of the US somewhere. Lots of grass and leafy trees make the background of many of the shots.

1 candle. Here she is at one year old, October 1948.

2 candles. And at two years old.

And at three

This is four.


And at six

The seventh birthday



And ten

Eleven years old

She's already a young woman

This is thirteen.

Birthday girl in bathing suit, October 1960.

Fourteen years old

(Images via anyjazz65)



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