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February 10, 2017

Edwardian Criminal Faces of North Shields: The Men

These images are a selection from an album of photographs of prisoners brought before the North Shields Police Court in the early 1900s in the collection of Tyne & Wear Archives.

Alfred Thompson, arrested for larceny, 31st August 1902

Alfred Wilkinson, clerk, arrested for obtaining money by false pretences, 12th April 1903

Andrea Laudano, Italian ice cream vendor, arrested for larceny, 21st July 1904

Anthony Russell, pitmen, arrested for larceny, 27 May 1904

Charles Cunningham, arrested for indecent exposure, 9 February 1903

Christopher J Morton, no fixed abode, arrested for larceny, 27 February 1905

Daniel Lagarieta, Chilian seaman, arrested for larceny, 15 September 1904

Daniel McCann, arrested for larceny, 8 August 1904

Donald Kane, seaman, arrested for larceny, 22 October 1904

Edward Anderson, seaman, arrested for larceny, 25th November 1902

George Smith alias Lamb,  tramp, arrested for begging, 15 March 1905

George Williams, pugilist, arrested for frequenting, 15 August 1904

Henry Moreland, miner, arrested for larceny, 18 October 1902

Henry Wilson alias Charles Murray, arrested for false pretences, 24th April 1903

James Dawson, arrested for indecent exposure, 9th June 1902

James E. Brown, arrested for obtaining money by false pretences, 12 October 1904

James Williams, arrested for larceny, 24th August 1902

James Wilson, arrested for an alleged theft, 29 February 1904

Jerome Guerrini, fireman and a French subject, arrested for murder, 22 July 1904

John Clark, no fixed abode, arrested for loitering, 9 March 1905

John Grant, fisherman, arrested for larceny, 13 February 1904

John Gumis, Portuguese fireman, arrested for larceny, 5 October 1903

John O'Brien, fireman, arrested for stealing a watch, 23rd May 1903

John Reay, arrested for larceny, 31st August 1902

John Renstrom, Finnish fireman, arrested for stealing clothes, 12th January 1903

John Walker, boilermaker, arrested for false pretences, 30 March 1904

Joseph Cruddas, miner, arrested for vagrancy, 13 March 1905

Leonard Burdon, barman, arrested for false pretences, 1 November 1904

Michael Mulvaney, a tramp of no fixed abode, arrested for drunkenness and begging, 17 August 1904

Mustapha Irola, arrested for false pretences, 19th August 1904

Richard Percy Stewart, painter, arrested for larceny, 20 January 1905

Robert Hall, cartman, arrested for larceny, 9 November 1903

Robert Jack, ships' steward, arrested for false pretences, 12 January 1905

Robert Lightly alias Golightly, pitmen, arrested for larceny, 27 May 1904

Robert Whiting, arrested for larceny, 11 July 1902

Sylvester Hurlbert, arrested for false pretences, 17th September 1902

Thomas Appleton, draper's assistant, arrested for larceny, 9 February 1903

Walter Savory, donkeyman, arrested for larceny, 10 December 1903

William Cunningham, arrested for larceny, 23rd March 1903

William J Thompson, arrested for vagrancy, 13 March 1905

William Lavery, labourer Low Lights, arrested for larceny, 15 December 1904

William Sayers, labourer, arrested for larceny, 24 March 1903

William Shaw, pugilist, arrested for frequenting, 15 August 1904

William Small, arrested for frequenting, 13 June 1904

William Sutton, homeless man, arrested for suspected person, 18 October 1904

William Williamson, a labourer of South Shields, arrested for indecent exposure, 7 August 1903


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