February 20, 2017

48 Fantastic Photos of Nevada From Between the 1930s and '40s Through an American Traveler's Lens

The Nevada Photo Service was a Reno company founded by Lawrence Engel (ca. 1872-1953) in 1925. Between the late 1920s and his death in 1953, Engel made three trips a year, circumnavigating the state and taking photographs he produced at postcards.

Though postcards are often dismissed as ephemeral, nobody documented Nevada so thoroughly as Engel, and this at a time when the state was undergoing a transformation from frontier backwater (in the opinion of many easterners) to a modern society.

This album is arranged in a rough itinerary following a journey Engel may have taken, leaving Reno and heading out towards Wendover before turning around and taking back to Reno.

(Photos from John Toohey)


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