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January 5, 2017

Vidal Sassoon's Most Iconic Haircuts in the 1960s

Vidal Sassoon was the celebrity crimper who revolutionised women's hairstyles in the Swinging 60s and turned cutting hair into an art form. He is credited with bringing Modernism to hairdressing - and helped make hair products into a multi-million pound industry.

While Sassoon's heyday was in the Swinging Sixties - cutting the hair of stars such as Mia Farrow, Mary Quant and Nancy Kwan in his salon in London - his hairstyling legacy continues today, from Victoria Beckham's 'pob' to Emma Watson's pixie crop.

Celebrate the life of the groundbreaking hairstylist with a look back at some of Vidal Sassoon's most iconic cuts...

Designer Mary Quant having her hair cut into a sharp style by Vidal Sassoon in 1964. The pair became great friends and together are credited with creating the iconic look of the Swinging Sixties. As Quant says to Sassoon in Vidal Sassoon The Movie: "I made the clothes, but you put the top on".

Vidal Sassoon cutting Mia Farrow's iconic pixie crop. While Sassoon is often cited as having given Farrow her famous Rosemary's Baby crop, the photo - which took place in a Hollywood boxing ring surrounded by press and photographers - was actually a stunt orchestrated by the film's director Roman Polanski.

Nancy Kwan showcased Sassoon's handiwork in the film The Wild Affair in 1963. The hairstyle appeared in magazines across the world and quickly became internationally sought after, creating a worldwide trend for the 'Nancy Kwan' look.

A lopsided asymmetric cut from the 60s, created by Sassoon stylist Roger Thompson and modelled by Danae Brooke.

Sassoon pictured returning from honeymoon with his second wife, Canadian actress Beverly Adams, who sports a chic pixie crop created by the hairdresser.

A sleek bob cut by stylist Roger Thompson at Vidal Sassoon's salon in London.

Vidal Sassoon dressing the hair of South African opera singer Denny Dayriss with £10,000 worth of diamonds loaned by Gerrards the jewellers. Dayriss was to sing at a charity ball at the Dorchester Hotel to raise funds for the White Fleet - an organisation that converted vessels belonging to the US Navy into hospital ships.

Vidal Sassoon creates a long bob with a soft fringe for actress Janette Scott in 1963.

US Vogue's current creative director Grace Coddington modelling Sassoon's groundbreaking 'Five Point Cut' in 1963. It went on to become one of the most iconic looks from the era.

Acute angle cut, stylist Roger Thompson at Vidal Sassoon.

Graduated cut, stylist Maurice Tidy at Vidal Sassoon.

American actress Nancy Kwan sports a bob by Vidal Sassoon for his first Vogue cover in 1963.

Joan Collins with her Vidal Sassoon cut in 1966. The actress used to send for him to see to her hairdressing needs at the airport.


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