January 3, 2017

59 Old Photographs Capture Everyday Life in St. Petersburg From the Late 1800s to Early 1900s

Edinburgh-based solicitor Gregor MacE had these photos from his grandmother who inherited from her mother. The photos were taken in Russia in the period 1880-1917.

That branch of Gregor's family moved to Russia in the 1840s and left when the revolution broke out. The family were upper middle class and, as can be seen from the photographs, enjoyed a privileged lifestyle. They were based in the St. Petersburg area.

His great-grandmother's family was English. She was born in Russia but moved to Scotland in 1917 and married with an Irishman. She brought these photographs with her, along with some jewellery and other items, which his grandmother has yet.

(Photos from Gregor MacE)


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