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January 11, 2017

Everyday Life of an American Young Girl During the 1970s Through 24 Interesting Pictures

The photo set begins with the wedding photos of a young girl named Toni and his husband Doug in 1973. Toni grew up as a dog lover and viewed cats as functional rat killers, but in these photos her best friend is a cat named Sabrina, always on her arms and often sleep with her.

Take a look at these interesting color photos to see the life of a normal girl in the United State during the 1970s.

Doug and Toni in their wedding at 19 years of age, May 5, 1973

 Toni the Bride - First Episcopal Church, Starkville, Mississippi, May 5, 1973 (19 years old)

Wedding punch, Mississippi, May 5, 1973

Toni bikini mustang teenage newlywed, Starkville, Mississippi, Summer 1973

Toni and brothers at Christmas in Chicago, 1976

 Toni and mother at Christmas in 1976

 Toni's family at Christmas in 1976

 Toni's family drove up from Greenville for a Christmas visit in 1976

 Toni in Chicago student housing apartment, New Year's Eve of 1976.

 Toni in Chicago student housing apartment, New Year's Eve of 1976

Toni on New Year's Eve, Chicago, 1976

Home from a long day's work as a paralegal and cooking in our tiny kitchenette in 'married student housing', Janury 1977

Toni and Sabrina asleep, Chicago, January 1977

 Toni and Sabrina on the bed, Chicago, January 1977

 Toni with Sabrina on a sofa, Chicago, January 1977

Toni in her room, Chicago, February 1977

 Toni in her '13' sweater, Chicago, October 1977

 Toni and Sabrina asleep, Chicago, November 1977

 Toni in a snow day in Chicago, February 1978

 Chicago is very cold, but Toni managed to stay stylish even in the dead of winter, February 1978

 Toni in Chicago apartment, April 1978

 Toni and a friend from Chicago come to visit Washington, D.C, Agust 1978

 Toni and Doug at a friend's wedding in Mendenhall, MIssissippi, August 1978

Toni and Doug stand in the middle of family wedding portrait, Mendenhall, MIssissippi, August 19, 1978

(Photos from Mississippi Snopes)



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