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January 24, 2017

BOAC’s Skycot for Infants: This Is How Babies Used to Travel on Airplanes in the 1950s

These in-flight cots for infants were clipped onto the luggage racks on 1950s BOAC flights (a predecessor of today’s British Airways)

No, this isn’t proof that the old adage of storks delivering babies had reached the jet age. Rather, as this official photograph from 1953 suggests, the engineers of BOAC went to great lengths to ensure the comfort of all its passengers... including the very youngest!

For babies traveling on its long-distance services, BOAC provided hammock-type ‘skycots'’ These allowed the infant plenty of room for movement, but prevented him or her from falling out. Suitable for those up to a year or so old, these cots were clamped securely to the luggage rack, allowing the infant (and no doubt its parents) to sleep in safety and comfort. For take-off and landing, though, the child had to be held by one of its parents; a practice which continues today.

The stork would have approved!



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