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January 12, 2017

Artist Combined Vintage Photographs With Everyday Objects to Create Funny and Bizarre Portraits

Antiheroes is an Instagram photographic project by Spanish artist Susana Blasco that combines vintage photographs with everyday objects to create funny and bizarre portraits.

The project was born by accident when Blasco was snacking on some nuts while making a collage out of antique photographs. One fell from her hand and onto the decades-old print, transforming the anonymous subject into a bizarre character, ripped from the pages of a whimsical storybook.

The beauty of Blasco’s village of mutants lies in the fact that she never has to physically tear or cut the original prints as is usual in similar collages; she simply sets some object or another onto the surface of the sepia artifacts.

The original images are gathered by the armful from thrift stores and flea markets throughout Europe. Friends from overseas in the Americas ship time-worn photographs by the bundle, and although Blasco has dusted off some keepsakes from her own family’s history, the people pictured are for the most part unknown to her.

As the author explains on her site, Antiheroes is a project that continues to grow in number of "antiheroes" and followers on the related Instagram account.


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