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January 22, 2017

80's Dark Portraits: Striking Photos From Rome’s ‘Dark Movement’ Scene in the Early 1980s

The early 1980s was a very particular time in the world. The personal computer boom, Reganism and pop music were all shaping the cultural landscape in ways we can still feel today. However, one movement, which was more underground, particularly thrived. Italian fine art photographer, Dino Ignani, refers to this subculture as the “Dark Movement”. You may know it more as post-punk, new wave, goth and probably a whole host of other labels. No matter how you categorize it, you know when you see it and the movement holds a very special place in all of our hearts.

"Dark Portraits" is a selection from the artist’s archive: shots of the youth that lit up the Roman night life in the early ’80s and, in particular, the venues and events related to the so-called dark universe. The dark community encompassed the various musical tendencies and the fashion of those years. These photos were shot in video-bars, discos and other places where dark events took place at the time (Olimpo, Supersonic, Angelo Azzurro, Blue Bar, C-Club, Venice, Black Out, Uonna Club, Piper, Cinema Espero) and where Ignani would invite the habitués to pose for their portraits.

(All photos © Dino Ignani)



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