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January 21, 2017

21 Weird and Funny Vintage Snapshots Show Things You've Rarely Seen Today

These are some weird and funny photos that show things in the past you have rarely seen today.

Female sailor drinking while embracing the other beer bottles

Little boy aims a rifle at his grandpa

Man climbing a street sign

Man drinking from a huge bottle

Man fishing while waves breaking

Man grabbing a woman's leg at a party

Man hanging from a pole by his feet

Man suspended in a basket as part of a celebration

Men standing on a hanging log

Men watching a bear drink from a bottle

People relaxing in a snow drift

Three men cramming their heads into a life preserver

Three young men riding on each others' shoulders

Two men demonstrating upper body strength

Woman climbing a tree with pumps

Women bathing in an outdoor barrel

Women go swimming at the lake by plane

Women hanging laundry in the snow

Women pose with their skeleton friend

Young men mourning their friend buried in the sand

Young women in skirts digging snow


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