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December 4, 2016

Vintage American Vaudeville Performer – 41 Old Portrait Photos Show Members of the Lovejoy Dancers in the 1930s

Before joining the Marcy Brothers act, Beatrice was a member of the Lovejoy Dancers. She was not a beautiful, but also a talented girl. This set was provided by her family that show members of this dancing group in the late 1920s and early 1930s.

A special thank to Beatrice's family.

Early snapshot of the Lovejoy Dancers playing around, circa 1930

Members of the 'Lovejoy Dancers': Beatrice Claire (Newitts), Peggy Lee, Dorothy Wentworth, Helene Griffin
and Sylvia Fisher in the 1930s

Beatrice Claire (Newitts), Peggy Lee, Dorothy Wentworth, Helene Griffin and Sylvia Fisher

Members of the 'Lovejoy Dancers' in the early 1930s

Members of the 'Lovejoy Dancers' and a man named Dave Jones (or Charles Wingo), circa 1930

The 'Lovejoy Dancers', Dave Jones, and Charles Wingo, circa 1930

Beatrice and her friend, 1929

Sylvia Fisher in the 1930s

Sylvia Fisher in the 1930s

Dorothy Wentworth, 1930

Dorothy Wentworth, 1931

Beatrice Clare Newitts, 1932

 Blanche LaBow, singer and entertainer, 1932

 Emile Boreo, actor, 1932

 Mary Goss and Charlie Barrows, vaudeville comedians, 1932

 Naomi and Leona Krummel, acrobatic dancer, 1932

Beatrice Newitts in 1933

Buddy and Frank Murphy with Beatrice Claire Newitts, 1937

Andy Pavlish and Beatrice (Newitts) Claire, ca. 1930s

Andy Pavlish, dance instructor and vaudeville performer, ca. 1930s

Beatrice and friend, ca. 1930s

Beatrice Claire Newitts and friend in California, ca. 1930s

Beatrice Claire, ca. 1930s

Beautiful vaudeville performer, ca. 1930s

Billie Jean, vaudeville performer, ca. 1930s

Blanche LaBow, ca. 1930s

Comedian Benny Baker, ca. 1930s

Duncan sisters in the 1930s

Evelyn Dawn and Julius Darrow, vaudeville dancers, ca. 1930s

Harry Richman, band leader, ca. 1930s

Helen Hohan, vaudeville perfomer, ca. 1930s

Helene Griffin, ca. 1930s

Keene Twins (Leona & Naomi Krummel) with Vic Parks and George Lamar, acrobatic dance team, ca. 1930s

Madelyn Book in the 1930s

Madelyn Book, vaudeville performer, ca. 1930s

Marty Dupree, ca. 1930s

Peggy Lee, ca. 1930s

Pinky (Leff) Lee, vaudeville performer, ca. 1930s

Unknown vaudeville perfomers of the Lovejoy Dancers, circa 1930

Vaudeville dancer Hal Sidare, ca. 1930s

Vaudeville performer Roy Darcy in the 1930s

(Photos from Brian Murphy)


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